Fold-Over Ice Skate Bag

So I got it in my head a while back that I was going to make a bag for my hockey skates. Currently I just throw them in a basket in my car, but I wanted to make a cute bag to carry them in. One of my skating friends had this awesome fold-over bag that I thought looked pretty easy to make so here we go!

I am a remnant section junkie, I just can’t get enough! So while rifling through a bin I found an awesome sort-of chevron patterned fabric. I loved the colors and design and knew it would be perfect for my skate bag. The piece if found was 1 yd. which ended up being perfect. I have size 5 skates, so you may need more depending on your skate size. You’ll need roughly ((Skate Length + 6)*2)


What you need:

  • 1 yd of patterned fabric (you may need more depending on your skate size)
  • 1 yd of heavy duty fabric (duck cloth, canvas, rip stop, etc)
  • 36” double sided zipper (parka zipper that can unzip from either end)
  • 24″+ strap material (((width of top of skate + 6)*2)+3)

I have some leftover duck cloth so I thought that it would make a nice sturdy interior. Lay out the patterned fabric on top of the duck cloth (wrong sides together). At this point, you could move on to the next step or you could also quilt the 2 fabrics together. Quotes around the quilt because there’s no padding between the fabric, it’s more of a decorative stitch. After I finished everything I wished I had done this. Since my skate soakers are pink, some pink stitching along the pattern would have really set the pattern off. I may still hand quilt later.

Fold the 2 fabrics in half hotdog style (right sides together), then again hamburger style.

hotdog-fold humburger-fold

Line up your skate so that the back of the skate is parallel to the first fold, leaving about 3” between the skate and the fold. Leave 6-10” between the top of the skate and the second fold. You can adjust the space above the skate depending on what you want to store in your bag and how much fabric you have. I end up making this part a smaller pouch for towels, gloves, etc.


Draw a line and cut around the curve of the front of the skate leaving 3” between the skate and the edge. Cut a straight line about 5” below the blade of the skate. You don’t want the whole length of the bag to be much bigger than 40″ because it will be more difficult to get your skates in and out. Unfold it so that it’s only folded hotdog style. Cut along the remaining fold to separate the front & back.


If you want to embroider a name or something on the bag, this is the time to do it.

Measure out the space for the zipper & mark the fabric. Sew each end from the bottom up to the mark with ¼” seam. Iron the rest of the seam under on each side. With the patterned side up, lay the zipper under the seam & pin the fabric to the zipper so that the fold of the seam JUST touches the edge of the zipper. If you want an invisible zipper, you can pin it so that the fold comes to the center of the zipper. Sew down one side of the zipper. Pull the zipper puller down a bit, so that it doesn’t’ get in the way of the sewing. When you reach the puller, stop with the needle down, lift the presser foot, and move the puller up to where you’ve already sewn. When you reach the end, (with the needle down) rotate the fabric and sew along the bottom of the zipper, rotate again and sew back up the other side of the zipper.

Here’s a awesome video tutorial on how to sew a zipper if you’re more visual like me:

Fold along the zippered edge so that the patterned fabric is touching. Pin the front & back together, then sew all the way around. Cut the corners up to the seam & cut wedges out of the curves so that the bag lays flat when turned right-side out. Unzip & turn the bag right side out.

Fold the bag in half and mark where the fold is (both the zipper side and the folded side), this is where we will attach the strap. Unzip the bag all the way and lay flat patterned side up. Measure the width from zipper to zipper along your marks. Cut your strap so that it is 3 inches longer than that measurement. Line up one end of the strap against the zipper. Pin from the zipper to 1” past the center. Then take the other end of the strap and line it up with the other side of the zipper and pin 1” in. Using a zig zag stitch sew along the edge of the strap. When you reach 1” past center, rotate 90º and sew across the strap, then rotate again and sew back down the other end of the strap. Sew along the zipper when you reach the end. (Be careful to not sew over the zipper) Do the same thing on the other end of the strap just sewing 1” in from the zipper.


Put your skates in your bag and see how it fits!



Figure out how big you can make the pouch on top & pin the bag. Remove your skates and sew a seam on either side of the handle (don’t sew over the zipper). Pack it up and get to that skating rink!

Also, if you want to see how to make the soakers you see on my skates, check out my Skate Soakers post, coming soon.

So until next time, stop pinning and start sewing!!!


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