Hearts Baby Blanket

What would be a better first post for my new blog than a quilt that has a patchwork heart?? One with four patchwork hearts!

I wanted to make a quilt for my new niece and I love patchy hearts for a little girl’s quilt. So, I started browsing pinterest & came across an adorable quilt that inspired my design. I went through many phases of what exactly I wanted it to look like, eventually ended up with this. It’s a 40 x 40 quilt with 2″ sewn squares.

Once I finally found out the little one’s nursery color theme I set out to get some fabric. I found some great bundles at Missouri Quilt Co (I adore this site!). The colors are perfectly adorable for a little baby girl! Hyde Park & Touch of Grey. I did all the math (trust me, I have a crazy spreadsheet to prove it) and figured out that the cheapest way to get all the fabric was to buy the charm packs. I would have to cut them all down to 2½” squares but it also seemed to be the easiest.

Prepping Fabric

The fabric finally came in and I was beside myself! Couldn’t wait to get started. So I ran up to my craft room and ripped open the box and started cutting. And kept cutting…and kept cutting. Did I mention that I bought enough to make 3 quilts? I’ve only made one so far…but more may be in the works soon.


First I cut out all the greys. They went pretty fast since there were only 14 different fabrics.


The Hyde Park pack however had many more fabrics, so since I wanted to sort these by fabric it took a little longer. Man that was a lot of fabric.


After getting all the 5″ squares cut down to 2½” I started laying out the fabrics based on my design.


I created the design with a repeating 8 x 8 square design so that I didn’t have to lay out the whole blanket at once. I could just sew these together then sew the bigger patches together as I needed them.


Since I had SO many tiny squares to iron together I figured I’d try out this cool little trick I found to help me sew some straighter seams. So I bought some lined fusible interfacing and started ironing on my fabric.


Once I had one 8 x 8 block ironed together I started the sewing.


You just fold over one row and sew your 1/4″ seam.


It makes all the patches line up wonderfully!


Once sewn, I just cut off the fold as close to the edge as possible. Towards the end I tried a method of using scissors to cut the crease. Took longer, but it gave me bigger seams to iron down.


Once you have all seams in one direction sewn and cut, just iron all the seams open.


Then sew all the seams going the other way, cut & iron.


And Voila! you have a perfectly sewn block of squares. Now to make 3 more full ones, and then some shorter ones to get it to 40 x 40.


Once you’ve sewn all the blocks, you simply sew them all together and the back is done! My seams weren’t quite matching from block to block, but I’m sure it’ll be better next time. And anyway, I think nothing will ever be perfect, that’s what makes it handmade.


Quilt Back

Once I had all the back patches sewn together I started on the front hearts. I just sewed 4 HSTs for the angled sides, then ironed it all down to my interfacing like the back patches.


I made 4 more and now I just have the larger sections of fabric in between these to sew together.



Once the front is all sewn together it’s time to layer it all together with the batting between to get ready for quilting.


Once it’s lined up, you just pin it together to make the quilting easier.


I got a little ambitious trying to match up the front squares to the squares in the back. It turned out pretty close. I might’ve gotten a little closer if I had hand quilted it, but since this I haven’t made a ton of quilts yet, I figured I would save that for the next one. I machine quilted all around the hearts then quilted some more hearts in the middle. Added some small diamonds to get some of the larger empty areas. It turned out really well I think.



Now for the binding. I don’t have any pictures of this part, just got on a roll and totally forgot about it! I went with a 1″ binding and just used a single fold method that you can find just about anywhere on pinterest. (Can you tell where I spend way too much of my time?)

Final Quilt


Overall, I love how it turned out. If I use the interfacing method again I’ll definitely have to use a more lightweight type. It is a little more stiff than I would want for a small baby blanket. It would probably be great on a larger blanket though. Once I washed it, the blanket was definitely not as stiff. I can’t wait to send it to them!

So until next time, stop pinning and start sewing!!!


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